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“Freedom and Beyond” by John Holt

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Top 10 emerging technologies of 2017

A diverse range of breakthrough technologies, including “artificial leaves” that turn CO2 into fuel, and a technique that harvests water from air, could soon be playing a role in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges, according to a list published … Continue reading

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Interview at RocketHub

Interview at RocketHub

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Bergson on intuition

Reading about Bergson’s thoughts on Intuition and Creativity

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The Universe as Meaningful*

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Anxiety is as old as mankind, contemporary man suffers from an anxiety that is specific to our age and that is somehow bound up with the rapid rate of human progress. Conscious or not, a fundamental anguish of being, a … Continue reading

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The leap from Bio Fuels to Solar Fuels.

About six years ago I left my steady job working for a multinational and founded a new company called BIOeCON, with the vision to work on breakthrough innovations in the area of converting non edible biomass into fuels, chemicals and/or … Continue reading

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Blaming China is not going to help us!

Blaming China, will not help to improve USA Innovation! Some interesting comments on the Solar energy business:

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True Innovation!

Courage for bold experimentation and learning from failures. Our world today is in great need of true innovation. What I mean with true innovation is not the designing of a new more colorful toothpaste package, or the fabrication of a … Continue reading

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